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Vol 23 No 3 (2017)

Published: 2017-09-15

Organic matter in areas under secondary forests and pasture

Carlos Eduardo Gabriel Menezes, Roni Fernandes Guareschi, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Lúcia Helena Cunha Anjos, Maria Elizabeth Fernandes Correia, Fabiano Carvalho Balieiro, Marisa de Cássia Piccolo


Quality of reaction wood in Eucalyptus trees tilted by wind for pulp production

Walter Torezani Neto Boschetti, Juarez Benigno Paes, Graziela Baptista Vidaurre, Marina Donária Chaves Arantes, João Gabriel Missia da Silva


Volume and taper equations for commercial stems of Nothofagus obliqua and N. alpina

Hernan Attis Beltran, Luis Chauchard, Ariana Iaconis, Guillermo Martinez Pastur


Site classification for eucalypt stands using Artificial Neural Network based on environmental and management features

Diogo Nepomuceno Cosenza, Álvaro Augusto Vieira Soares, Aline Edwiges Mazon de Alcântara, Antonilmar Araujo Lopes da Silva, Rafael Rode, Vicente Paulo Soares, Helio Garcia Leite


Variability and balance of crown projection of trees planted on sidewalks of three brazilian cities

Rogerio Bobrowski, Kendra Zamproni, Tamara Ribeiro Botelho de Carvalho Maria, Daniela Biondi


A multi-agent system for forest transport activity planning

Carlos Alberto Araújo Júnior, Helio Garcia Leite, Carlos Pedro Boechat Soares, Daniel Henrique Breda Binoti, Amaury Paulo de Souza, Antônio Ferraz Santana, Carlos Moreira Miquelino Eleto Torres


Effect of topsoil stockpiling on the viability of seed bank in field phytophysiognomies campos de altitude

Railma Pereira Moraes, Warley Augusto Caldas Carvalho, José Aldo Alves Pereira, Gleisson Oliveira Nascimento, Dalmo Arantes Barros


Phenotypic models of competition for pinus taeda l genetic parameters estimation

Vanessa Ishibashi, Diego Tyszka Martinez, Antonio Rioyei Higa


Genetic variance components for growth variables of Eucalyptus benthamii and E. smithii provenances cultivated in Southern Brazil

Enéas Ricardo Konzen, Marcio Carlos Navroski, Mariane de Oliveira Pereira, Bruno Nascimento, Aline Meneguzzi, Patrícia Fukushima de Souza


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