CERNE journal was created on October/1992 motivated by Professors from the Forest Sciences Department - UFLA (Federal University of Lavras), Brazil. At that time, the demands about Brazilian journals of forest science were high to publish their research. Readily, this scientific media became a well known and familiar vehicle between Brazilians researchers.

Recently, CERNE started to explore new horizons of world’s research with plenty of challengers. This experience is reducing the distances between researchers across the world to understand the forest ecosystem. According to these strategies, the journal rebuilds its concepts to publish only influential, relevant, and credible themes with high quality. Therefore, the visibility is associated with indexing database such as ISI, Scopus and others.  

Annually, rough of 200 to 250 submissions are performed in our system, selecting 60 articles/reviews to publish less than 6 months in average time.

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