Stand density management diagrams of Eucalyptus viminalis: predicting stem volume, biomass and canopy cover for different production purposes

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Javier E. Gyenge
Ana Lupi
Ferrere Paula
Germán Milione
Alejandro Martínez Meier
Gonzalo Caballe
Diego Domínguez Daguer
María Elena Fernández


Stand density management diagrams (SDMD) provide a guide for forest density management taking into account stands attributes such as diameter or volume of the trees. One of the most common species planted in Pampean plains of Argentina is Eucalyptus viminalis for multiple objectives: solid wood use or firewood in local markets, pulp for cellulose industry and to provide services for agriculture and cattle raising (windbreaks or cattle refuge). The objective of this study was to gather the available production information /inventory data and to develop a first SDMD for estimating standing volume, biomass and canopy cover of E. viminalis as a tool for forest managers aiming at different plantation purposes. Data to develop the SDMD were obtained from 161 plots, distributed along a climate and soil gradient. We also generated two predictive equations capable of estimating dominant height from the diameter of the trees and canopy cover based on basal area of the stand. SDMD was used to estimate the wood production of three different productive systems: one system without any silvicultural treatment (no management), a mixed system such as an agroforestry system, and one that had the objective to maximized the biomass or wood productivity.

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