VEGETATIVE RESCUE OF Anadenanthera macrocarpa TREES

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Poliana Coqueiro Dias
Aloisio Xavier
Leandro Silva de Oliveira
Gleidson de Araújo Félix
Ismael Eleotério Pires


The objective of this work was to evaluate the vegetative rescue of adult Anadenanthera macrocarpa trees through the induction of epicormic shoots from tree severance and stem ringing, as well as the efficiency of cutting technique on the propagation of the species. The experimental design used was random plots, in a 2 X 2 factorial arrangement, constituted by two techniques for the induction of basal shoots (tree severance and stem ringing) and cuttings types (herbaceous cuttings and semihardwoods cuttings), in four replicates and plots of 12 cuttings per repetition. The tree severance and stem ringing were efficient in the induction of basal shoots in adult A. macrocarpa trees. However, the tree severance provided higher emission of basal shoots. The herbaceous cuttings presented higher rooting percentages, independent of vegetative rescue technique. In general, we conclude that the vegetative rescue and the vegetative propagation of A. macrocarpa adult trees are technically efficient.


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