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Ricardo Antonio de Arruda Veiga Carlos Marchesi de Carvalho Maria Aparecida Mourão Brasil


There are a few papers published about the fast growing tree species Acacia mangium Willd in Brazil. In this study 125 stems were sampled in 7-years-old trees, in Botucatu, State of Sao Paulo. The mean values of the sampled stems were: total height = 14.9 m; dbh = 8.50 cm (trees with multiple stems); form factor = 0.4704 and bark percentage = 10.82 %. Seven regression models were compared in order to estimate the tree total-stem wood volume outside bark (tvob), as a function of tree dbh outside bark (d) and total height (h). The same models were also compared to estimate total stem-volume inside bark (tvib), and merchantable-stem volumes outside and inside bark (mvob and mvib) to a 4.0 cm diameter top outside bark. Meyer’s modified model was selected, resulting in the following four tree volume equations: tvob = - 83781 + 38100d – 3373.921449d2 - 1182.119898dh + 180.492446d2h; tvib = - 75146 + 34932d - 3140.342475d2 - 1101.933853dh + 168.089354d2h; mvob = - 84854 + 38875d – 3430.779373d2 - 1200.264989dh + 182.693837d2h e mvib = - 78752 + 35592d – 3187.349100d2 - 1116.657350dh + 169.872490d2h in which volumes are expressed in dm3, diameter in cm and height in m.

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VEIGA, Ricardo Antonio de Arruda; CARVALHO, Carlos Marchesi de; BRASIL, Maria Aparecida Mourão. TREE VOLUME EQUATIONS FOR Acacia mangium Willd. CERNE, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 1, p. 103-107, oct. 2015. ISSN 2317-6342. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 22 sep. 2019.
Volume, volume equations, Acacia mangium