FRUITS AND ENDOCARPS BIOMETRY OF MURICI (Byrsonima verbascifolia Rich. ex A. Juss)

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Eduardo Gusmão Fábio de Almeida Vieira Élcio Meira da Fonseca Júnior


This paper studied the physical characterization of fruits and endocarps (drupe) of murici of Montes Claros-MG. The fruits that are very much consumed in natura were collected in an area of natural savannah and analyzed in the Laboratory of Botany of UNIMONTES.A total of 197 fruits were sampled, being evaluated the fresh mass (FM), length and equatorial diameter of the fruits and endocarps, besides the FM of the pulp. The FM of the fruits varied from 0.27g to 2.34g, where 43.15% of the fruits presented FM varying from 0.27g to 0.67g. The FM of the endocarps varied from 0.07g to 0.60g, and 52.28% of the endocarps presented FM from 0.19g to 0.30g. The FM, length and diameter fruits average were 1.02g, 10.05mm and 11.93mm, respectively. The averages for FM, length and diameter of the endocarps were, respectively, 0.22g, 6.64mm and 6.67mm. The medium FM of the pulp was of 0.79g for fruit. The correlation between the FM of the fruit and the FM of the pulp was of 0.989. The FM of the fruit is proportional to the amount of pulp. The great variation in the FM measures and size of the fruits reflects the great variability of the murici plants found in the sample.

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GUSMÃO, Eduardo; VIEIRA, Fábio de Almeida; JÚNIOR, Élcio Meira da Fonseca. FRUITS AND ENDOCARPS BIOMETRY OF MURICI (Byrsonima verbascifolia Rich. ex A. Juss). CERNE, [S.l.], v. 12, n. 1, p. 084-091, sep. 2015. ISSN 2317-6342. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 22 sep. 2019.
Savannah, fruit tree, physical characterization, drupe