STRENGTH OF GLUED JOINTS OF Inga alba (SW) Willd AND Swartzia recurve Poepp WOOD

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Setsuo Iwakiri Rosilani Trianoski Claudete Catanhede do Nascimento Claudio Gumane Elaine Cristina Lengowski Felipe Zatt Schardosin Rafael Azambuja


The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of wood bonded joints of Inga alba and Swartzia recurva using polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) and polymeric emulsion of isocyanate (EPI) in weights of 150 and 200 g.m-². The strength of the bonded joints was evaluated through shear tests, using the procedures described in EN 13354 (2008). The increase in weight did not influence the results of shear strength, indicating the benefits in economic terms with the reduction in the consumption of adhesive. Joints glued with the wood species of Swartzia recurve with EPI adhesive, at the two weights have reached the minimum value of 2.5 MPa concerning the lower 5th percentile established by EN 13353 (2008). The results demonstrated the feasibility of using wood of Swartzia recurva to produce edge glued panels - EGP, with EPI adhesive in weight of 150 g.m-².

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IWAKIRI, Setsuo et al. STRENGTH OF GLUED JOINTS OF Inga alba (SW) Willd AND Swartzia recurve Poepp WOOD. CERNE, [S.l.], v. 21, n. 3, p. 457-463, apr. 2016. ISSN 2317-6342. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 jan. 2020.
Tropical wood, edge glued panel, polyvinyl acetate, polymeric emulsion of isocyanate.